I am a person with a disability #NotInvisible.

An illustration of the invisible man from the neck up in an art deco frame. The frame consists of a small marquee at the top with an image of the artist and the main image below. The text “I am a person with a disability.’ Sits at the top of the illustration. The word “Disability” is in all caps and is colored a bright red with puffs of paint around it. The text “# Not Invisible” is at the bottom of the illustration with “Invisible” in bright red. The text “Invisible’ is a wordmark shaped in a wave with paint dripping from it. The invisible man's face is wrapped in bandages. He wears vintage sunglasses with square frames on the outside that curve on the inside. The sunglasses have side panels. The illustration is colored with a light yellow to give it an aged look.

August 19, 2021