I am a person with a disability #NotAFreakOfNature.

An illustration of the creature from the black lagoon in an art deco frame. The frame consists of a small marquee at the top with an image of the artist and the main image below. The text “I am a person with a disability.’ Sits at the top of the illustration. The word “Disability” is in all caps. The text is white. The text “# Not A freak of nature” is at the bottom of the illustration in white with “freak” in bright green. The word freak is a word mark angled upward. The frame has vines creeping around the top, hanging down obscuring some of the text. The creature illustration is a color image using black line art. The creature looks ahead with 3 layers of gills going from its cheek bones to its neck. The creature has large marble like eyes and no hair. Its chin is folds of skin and its shoulders are scaled. The background is a silhouette of a swamp at sunset using yellows and greens

August 19, 2021