I am a person with a disability #NotADrainOnSociety

An illustration of the vampire Nosferatu from the shoulders up in an art deco frame. The frame consists of a small marquee at the top with an image of the artist and the main image below. The text “I am a person with a disability.’ Sits at the top of the illustration. The word “Disability” is in all caps and is colored a Blood red with the text “# Not A Drain on Society” is at the bottom of the illustration with “Drain” in a gothic font colored blood red. The illustration of Nosferatu is gray-scale line art. The vampire has large, pointed ears and round bulbus eyes. It has little hair and bushy eyebrows. Its nose is long, and its mouth is parted slightly showing its long needle like teeth. Nosferatu looks down at its victim holding her head with its long fingers and sharp talon like nails. A necklace around her neck has a red maple leaf.

August 20, 2021