I am a person with a disability #NotAJoke.

An illustration of the Jacqueline Phoenix’s portrayal of the joker from the neck up in an art deco frame. The frame consists of a small marquee at the top with an image of the artist and the main image below. The text “I am a person with a disability.’ Sits at the top of the illustration. The word “Disability” is in all caps and is colored a bright red. The text “# Not A Joke” is at the bottom of the illustration with “Joke” in bright red. The text “Joke’ is a wordmark. The Joker looks forward with dead eyes and a neutral expression on his face. He has shoulder length hair that is parted on the left. The joker’s Clown makeup consists of blue triangles above and below his eyes and red paint on his nose and mouth. The background is filled with the text HA all in different sizes and angles.

August 20, 2021